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Coronado Heights Is Simply The Best!

Our mom moved into her comfortable studio apartment at this remarkable new facility in mid-March and she has never been happier. Obviously, that pleases us, too, because coordinating her move from sixty years of totally independent living to assisted living was a big step for all of us.

The brand new building with its wide halls, spacious elevators, and beautiful units and common areas are an obvious major selling point, but it’s the staff at Coronado Heights that truly make the difference. They excel at hiring caring and positive personnel, and that goes for every person on the team, from reception through mom’s caregivers all the way to management. We drop by frequently and every time we visit, we walk away with something else that makes us realize how they consistently strive to go the extra mile for their residents.

We are especially impressed with their “get out of your room and join the fun” philosophy. There’s no reason to live a lonely, isolated life at Coronado Heights, because the staff’s contagious positive energy is clearly passed on to the residents through a wide range of entertaining activities. Our mom hasn’t enjoyed this much social interaction with kids her own age in decades.

I could go on, but just last week, mom (who just turned ninety-four) provided us with this unprompted opinion of her Coronado Heights experience: “I have a lot of really good friends here. There’s no place else I want to be.”

Until you’re in our position, you’ll have no idea how great it was to hear that.


As the spouse of a very young resident in your community, I was continually impressed by the outreach of the staff to create an atmosphere which allowed him to feel at home and a part of a loving family. They gave him responsibilities which gave him importance and a daily purpose. I was ever so grateful to be blessed by such a wonderful opportunity for my husband in his final months of life.


I cannot say enough good things about the way my mother has blossomed since moving into Coronado Heights Assisted Living. Prior to joining her Coronado Heights Family, mom was barely walking and had a very negative attitude toward everything. She now is fully engaged in life and looks forward daily to participating in all of the activities and outings arranged by their great social director.

By attending the daily breathing and exercise classes mom is now walking much better and the strength in her arms and legs has increased significantly. Her living area is just big enough to house her most beloved possessions yet small enough for her to feel in control and safe. She raves about her care givers and the constant and considerate care she receives 24/7. Now my mother, instead of sitting and looking out her window is thoroughly enjoying life!

Great Job Coronado Family!!

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